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ELSE organises a weekly football match at our local 5/7 a side football pitch.  Come along and join in (for a small fee). and have fun the way we know best!


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Intensive IELTS courses in London at East London School of English!

The IELTS Examination is one of the most popular language tests in the world. Not only is it an essential qualification before joining any University in the UK, but it is also increasingly recognised all around the world as an accurate and sensitive evaluation of language skills.
If you want to prepare for IELTS in London, why not study at East London School of English - one of the best  language schools in London to study IELTS! We offer two options to assist our students in gaining the maximum possible score in the most effective ways by participating in our "IELTS Courses in London" programme.
The exam tests reading, writing, speaking and listening. The exam fee is not included in the course price and is  £150 for an exam.
Intensive IELTS courses in London

Intensive IELTS Courses in London at East London School of English

This popular programme takes place Mon-Friday. The minimum level is Upper Intermediate, and the entire time is devoted exclusively to IELTS examination practice at our school of English in London.
Regular simulations of the examination take place, and advice is always available as to the study time needed to take the exam and gain the required score.
Any combination of weeks is possible. See Course Fees.
IELTS Preparation Course in London

Part-Time Intensive IELTS Courses at East London School of English

Monday - Friday, this English course consists of IELTS exam training at our school of English. This course is an ideal solution for the learner who has only partial availability and is interested in gaining the necessary familiarity with the examination format and procedures.

Any combination of weeks is possible. See Course Fees.
Available now!
      Course fees for Part-Time IELTS courses in London


12 hours per week  £148 per week Any 4 days of the week
9 hours per week £118 per week Any 3 days of the week
6 hours per week £79 per week Any 2 days of the week



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Intensive IELTS courses in London!

Learn English in the UK? Learn English in London?

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IELTS trainings, IELTS courses in UK, IELTS courses in London and also intensive IELTS English language lessons at our language school in London. East London School of English - 21 Plumbers Row, London, E1 1AG, England, Tel: 00 44 (0) 207 265 88 68, Mail: info@elsenglish.com