What are the Cambridge English Proficiency Exam Preparation or CPE courses in London for and what is important?


The Cambridge English exam suite offers internationally recognised English language qualifications which will enhance your CV and open doors around the world.


Cambridge English Proficiency Exam Preparation - overview as example for a 12 weeks CPE course:


Start Date:

Any Monday

Course Duration:

12 weeks (or less, depending on your level)


Preparation towards Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English


Entry level:

C1 (advanced or higher)

Exam date:

Various dates available - actual Exam dates ->


Monday to Friday from 13:00 to16:15 or 16.30-19.45

(with a 15 minute break)


20 lessons per week (45 minutes each = 15 hours per week)


£1.400 (12 weeks course)


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Cambridge English Proficiency Exam Preparation - CPE courses in London


Who accepts Cambridge English exams?

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East London School of English is certified by the University of Cambridge as an ESOL Examinations Preparation Centre. ELSE Cambridge English Proficiency Exam Preparation Courses are made up of intensive English lessons focusing on the skills for reading, listening, speaking and writing. The English course objective is to give candidates techniques and the English language level to take the Cambridge English exam of your choice with confidence, First or Advanced.
You can join this CPE course for the period required to prepare for your exam (from 2 to 8 weeks). We can arrange you exam at a London exam centre.
A free placement test must be taken to join the Cambridge English Proficiency Exam Preparation Course. Entrance requirement for Cambridge English First is upper intermediate (CEFR B2) level and Cambridge English Advanced is advanced (CEFR A1) level.
The English course will have a mock Cambridge exam and individual item practice. Feedback will be offered constantly to help you assess your readiness to pass your Cambridge English exam.
The Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English presents candidates with the foremost challenge in English Language Studies. Success in CPE represents the highest achievement in English Language learning. With good attendance, supported self-study outside the classroom, and regularly completed homework assignments it will be possible to confidently anticipate success in the examination.
There will be a central course book providing a structure for study towards the examination. This will ensure that all necessary aspects, and particularly cardinal points of the syllabus will be studied in depth. The central course book will be supplemented with practice tests based upon past examination papers, relevant additional material, study materials compiled by the teacher with advice from the course director. Classes will be conducted within a framework of classroom activities designed to develop communicative skills in English, analysis of the language, and encourage maximum progress.
The Director of Studies will ensure that the English lessons all follow the syllabus in a meaningful and relevant way, and provide a focus for the individual needs and requirements of all participating students. All aspects of the English language will be studied at a level suitable to the demands of the examination syllabus, including grammar and sentence construction, vocabulary, discourse study, as well as pronunciation and English phonology. This, together with the interactive classroom activities, will provide a basis for further developing the four language skills; listening, speaking, reading, and writing. All of which will take place in a relaxed, enjoyable and informal atmosphere, but with a level of challenge and demand suitable to attaining success in the examination.
The overriding objective of the course will be best possible attainment in all examination papers of the CPE, and English classes will therefore be balanced to address skills for all these components. By the end of the course you will be able to write coherently in English. Your vocabulary will expand along with your knowledge of idiomatic English. In the spoken language you will be able to express your ideas with fluency and accuracy. Twice during the course there will be a mock examination, replicating examination conditions, which is intended to give you a reliable estimate of your likely result in the real examination.
Of course, you are always encouraged to develop your language informally outside the classroom, and you might want to consider joining some of the many events in our lively social programme.
The Director of Studies is always available to discuss individual learning needs with students. You should feel free to approach him at any time during the course for help and advice on any aspect of your studies, the examination, or the school in general.

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